Clear correct is a great, affordable and comfortable orthodontic method used by many dental practices as it delivers great results in straightening your teeth. It is very popular amongst adults as it is very comfortable and easy to comply with. It is a clear and simple alternative to braces. With Clear Correct there are no requirements to visit a dentist every month to change any wires or brackets. This wonderful appliance is removable which means you can remove them when eating in order to clean your teeth thoroughly afterwards. Most people see results within a few days whereas with fixed braces it could take several weeks to see some movement.

How will I be assessed?

Your dentist will assess your situation to see whether or not you’re suitable for Clear Correct. Photographs, x-rays and impressions will then be taken of your teeth in order to plan and achieve your straightening and best smile outcome. Sets of clear aligners will then be custom made to fit your teeth and gradually and gently move your teeth into position.

How does it work?

Your custom made aligners are required to be worn every day and possibly all day long if possible for the best results. It is clear in colour and nobody will notice that you have them on. They can be removed when cleaning your teeth and should be placed back in when finish. Your dentist will arrange with you how frequently you need to visit in order to review the progress and provide next set of aligners.

How long does it take?

The treatment time will depend on which option each patient have decided as each situation is different and may require a different time period to be fully completed. Each set of aligners are required to be worn 2-4 weeks therefore the more sets you have the longer the treatment time will be.

What can ClearCorrect fix?

ClearCorrect can fix a variety of issues and can help prevent other problems which may be caused by the way teeth are aligned.

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