Beautiful new smiles faster with Cfast™

Dental Excellence is proud to offer the revolutionary new teeth aligning system, Cfast. A new orthodontic technology which can straighten adult teeth in as little as eight weeks.

Cfast™, or Cosmetically Focused Adult Straight Teeth, focuses just on your front six teeth – known as the “social six”. This means Cfast™ has the ability to create a great positive influence on your smile, far more quickly and affordable than you may have imagined.

Cfast™ is an option for the vast majority of our adult patients who are looking to improve their smile, giving spectacular results significantly faster than conventional orthodontics.

Cfast™ is:

Comfortable – Because Cfast™ works only on your front teeth, the force needed is minimal. Cfast™’s nickel-titanium wires exert gentle pressure on brackets to move your teeth into their desired position with very little discomfort. And there’s no need for the severe tightening of conventional orthodontic treatments, which can cause severe discomfort.

Fast – By contrast with traditional orthodontic braces, which affect your entire bite and can mean years of treatment, Cfast™ focuses solely on your most visible front teeth that make up your smile. This method means you could have beautiful, straight front teeth, on average, in around five months.

Discreet – An almost invisible treatment system, Cfast™ uses clear orthodontic brackets and tooth-coloured nickel-titanium wires. Cfast™ rarely affects your speech or ability to eat normally and is so difficult to see that unless people get really close, they won’t even notice you’re having treatment.

Affordable – Unlike other invisible aligner systems, Cfast™ does not address major orthodontic issues, meaning your treatment can be completed very quickly. In fact, Cfast™’s predictable movement allows us to complete the average treatment in just five months. This shorter treatment time dramatically cuts the cost, making it potentially more affordable than other orthodontic options.

Cfast™ could be a wonderful start to a better life for you and a more confident smile. To find out more about Cfast™ and how it could benefit you, speak to the Dental Excellence team to arrange your consultation today on (08) 8423 1091.


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