Angel Aligners

We also offer ANGEL ALIGNERS. ANGEL ALIGNERS are the most recognised and trusted brands for clear aligners. If you dreamed of a beautiful smile, it’s not too late! From teens to seniors that beautiful smile is just a clear aligner procedure away.

What is Clear Aligner?

Clear Aligners are a great option for those wanting to avoid the hassle, discomfort, and time commitment of traditional metal braces. This extremely effective treatment uses a series of clear, individually computer designed and manufactured aligners and offers amazing results. Instead of wires attached to your teeth, your teeth can now be straightened invisibly.

Be wary of cheap DIY teeth straightening kits and their big marketing budgets. Straightening your teeth should be prescribed and supervised by a trained dentist.

The Clear Aligner process has been proven effective in clinical research and in orthodontic practices nationwide. However, only a certified dentist like ours can undertake this procedure.

How Does Clear Aligners Work?

  • A set of aligners are worn for 1 week or 2, removing them only to eat, drink, brush, and floss.
  • As you replace each aligner with the next in the series, your teeth will move – little by little, week by week – until they have straightened to the final position the dentist has prescribed.
  • You will visit us at a regular intervals to check the progress of the teeth straightening.
  • Total treatment time averages 6-12 months. This of course will vary from case to case.
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