Crowns & Bridges

Dental crown and bridges are one of the most highly effective restorative dentistry options here at Dental Excellence. The materials used to create your custom designed crown/bridge are the best on the market, providing only the highest of quality, whilst maintaining its attractive and natural looking appearance, fitting seamlessly into your smile. Dental crown/bridges are the best option for teeth which have been compromised either from trauma, decay, disease or other oral health conditions.

As a successful and enthusiastic provider of dental crowns and bridges, you can count on us to deliver an aesthetically appealing restoration which not only looks beautiful but also improves your quality of life.

If you have been living with a compromised smile or would like to learn more about dental crown/bridges, please schedule your no obligation consultation by contacting us on (08) 8423 1091.


Oral Health Benefits

Overtime natural teeth can become worn, decayed, cracked or damaged which leads to the weakening of teeth or tooth loss. Dental crown/bridges have the ability to restore strength and durability whilst protecting the tooth from encountering future damage.

Here at Dental Excellence, we utilise our connection with innovative technology and create high quality, long lasting and durable dental restorations which look and feel just like a natural tooth.

Aesthetic Benefits

The function of a crown is to ‘cap’ the entire prepared tooth so that the crown encapsulates the natural tooth in a way which is aesthetically appealing and functional at the same time. The difference between a Dental Crown and a Dental bridge is the dental bridges, bridge the gap through an area which teeth were missing. The bridge is placed and secured by crowns on the adjacent teeth. Whereas, crowns are singular restorations placed on one tooth. Using only the best materials the shade of the crown is precisely matched to your surrounding teeth making the crown almost identical to your natural teeth. We pride ourselves on our high success rate and aesthetically pleasing crowns, leaving you with your long-desired smile.

Materials and Fabrication of our Dental Crowns

Our team at Dental Excellence has over 18 years of experience with the unique design and placement of dental restorations including crowns and bridges. This valued experience has allowed for the success in placing the most natural and attractive looking crowns for a multitude of people. Whether it be made from ceramic (Zirconia or E-max) or porcelain fused to metal, we always offer the best of the best for each individual situation. The Dental Excellence advantage is the use of a high-quality 100% Australian owned dental laboratory where you can always expect the highest standard of care as your safety, satisfaction and comfort are always our highest priorities.

The Procedure

The first stage of the crown procedure it to come in for your initial consultation where our experienced dentists will take some diagnostics to determine the best option for you. At your next appointment, we begin to prepare the existing tooth to better allow for a comfortable yet snug fit between the existing teeth. An impression is then taken of the prepared tooth and a temporary crown is placed while the final crown is being created. We pride ourselves on using our high class 100% Australian owned dental laboratory where our specialists ensure superior-quality results for ideal function, longevity and attractive aesthetics.

Approximately 2 weeks after the preparation day your temporary crown will be removed and your final crown is placed.

Are You a Good Candidate for a Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns or bridges are an ideal option to address a variety of dental issues. Traditionally, for a crown or bridge process, the surrounding teeth must be free from disease or decay so that the final restoration can depend upon the structure from the prepared tooth for support. For implant-supported bridges, ideally, there needs to be an acceptable amount of dense bone tissue in order to accommodate the implant posts.

Upon arrival for your initial consultation, Dr Renu Karn will perform a thorough analysis of your smile to determine the most appropriate treatment option for you. All your treatment options will be thoroughly discussed, including whether you are an eligible candidate for the dental crown/bridge treatment and if dental crowns or bridges can address your dental concerns.

If you have a missing tooth or teeth and would like to restore your function and appearance of your smile, simply would like more information or would like to book your initial no obligation consultation, please email our dental office today, or call us on  (08) 8423 1091.



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