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Why Dental Excellence?

Going to the Dentist should not be a stressful experience. That is why we are so determined to help our patients change the common fears and anxieties of each visit. We focus on providing a pleasant ambiance upon your arrival and during your visit, we aim to help you find your visits to the Dentist at Dental Excellence a pleasant experience. Our rooms have been carefully designed with your complete comfort and entertainment in mind. Fully equipped with in-chair entertainment and complimentary WIFI, stunning views and state of the art technology are only some of the perks of Dental Excellence.

Dr. Renu Karn leads the team, who between them have years of dental experience and are very highly accomplished in their field. Part of our quality and assurance to deliver excellence in all that we do, our Health Professionals, support staff, Administration and Management are committed to attending various rigorous ongoing professional development education and training.

Dental Excellence strives to provide excellence in dental care. Our Health Professionals focus on putting your needs first, by working with you to develop a comprehensive treatment plan to suit you.

Treatment available at Dental Excellence includes:

Other features of Dental Excellence:

All our rooms are equipped with Intra-oral cameras to allow us to have you involved in seeing the areas of concern. This allows you and the dentist an opportunity to custom build a treatment plan more effectively.

With the modern option of In-chair entertainment, you can choose to listen to your favourite music or why not allow yourself to focus on watching your favourite TV show or movie? Simply log in to our complimentary WIFI and enjoy login into your streaming service.

In-House Low Radiation Digital Radiographs (x-rays) & OPG facilities (panoramic x-ray) – These low radiation x-rays allow us to instantly view in detail a Panoramic View of your entire jaw from ear to ear in a digital x-ray on-site for instant diagnosis of wisdom teeth, bone loss/degeneration and, other useful ways. No more referrals and waiting around for results, and multiple trips back to the dentist causing disruption to your busy day.

High-quality standards in sterilization and infection control Management using outstanding state of the art equipment. We are an accredited dental practice for Quality, Innovation, and Performance (QIP – Accreditation). These standards are approved by the Australian Dental Association and National Safety and Quality in Health Service (NSQHS) Standards.

At Dental Excellence we offer many innovative, advanced and modern dental technologies and strive to achieve high-quality treatment, care, and efficiency.