Frequently Asked Questions

Laser Assisted Gum Treatment

As with other forms of periodontal therapy, the main goal of laser therapy is to stimulate regeneration of connective tissue and bone between the gums and teeth. Additionally, during treatment the heat of the laser causes instant clotting in the gum tissue that actually works to seal the gums and create a physical barrier to any new bacteria that might invade the gums in the future. Laser Assisted Gum Treatment therapy is also an excellent approach for patients who want to improve the esthetics of their gum line with treatments such as cosmetic crown lengthening and tissue re-contouring procedures. For our patients who are candidates for laser therapy, other welcome benefits include less-painful treatment without cutting or stitches, less risk of infection, shorter appointment times, and an easy and fast recovery.

Before your laser treatment you will be given a local anesthetic to eliminate any possible discomfort. During the procedure a tiny laser fiber (about the thickness of three hairs) is inserted between the tooth and the gum to clear away infection, reduce inflammation, and will trigger an immediate healing response in the tissue.

You’ll most likely feel well enough to go right back to work after your treatment. A soft food diet for a day or two is recommended, but most patients are able to eat anything they want right after the procedure. Best of all, your likely recovery period will be less than 24 hours.

3. What happens if periodontal disease is left untreated?
A. Periodontal disease, or gum disease, is the leading cause of tooth loss in Australian adults. This is because when left untreated, periodontal disease can destroy the fibres and supporting bone that secure your teeth, leading to tooth loss and other serious diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease. For this reason, periodontal disease management and excellent oral health are very important in maintaining your overall health and wellbeing.

4. What are my sedation options?
A. If you feel very anxious about your visit to Dental Excellence, we can provide intravenous conscious sedation to help alleviate your nervousness. This IV conscious sedation is a reliable, effective procedure that will help you enter a state of deep relaxation. Time will appear to pass quickly, but you will still be able to respond to your dentist’s requests and instructions. Naturally, Dr Renu Karn will be happy to fully discuss your options with you, and help you decide on the best course for your individual circumstances.

5. Am I a candidate for dental implants?
A. In most cases, if you’re healthy enough to undergo a routine dental extraction or oral surgery, you should be a candidate for dental implants. You should have healthy gums and sufficient bone to secure the implant, and be dedicated to good oral hygiene and regular dental examinations. If you are a smoker, you suffer from a chronic disease such as diabetes or heart disease, or if you have had radiation therapy to your head or neck, we will need to evaluate your individual situation.

6. What will my dental implant treatment involve? A. In most cases, Dr Renu Karn will place your implants in the modern Dental Excellence surgery, usually under a local anaesthetic. Dr Karn surgically places your titanium implant with the utmost precision using 3D software and CT scans, to form a solid foundation for your future tooth restoration.

7. What happens after my treatment?
A. Dental Excellence will provide you with detailed instructions to follow after your treatment, to give you a short recovery time and the best possible outcome. Dr Renu Karn will prescribe any medication you need, such as oral antibiotics to prevent infection, and prescription pain relief medicine if necessary.

8. Should I choose laser therapy?
A. Our cutting edge Laser Assisted Gum Treatment can help stimulate regeneration of the connective tissue and bone between the gums and teeth. The heat of the laser also causes instant clotting in the gum tissue, sealing the gums and creating a physical barrier against invading bacteria. With no cutting or stitches required, you’ll experience less pain, less risk of infection, shorter appointment times, and easier, faster recovery.

9. What will my laser treatment involve?
A. Your laser treatment begins as you are given a local anaesthetic to ensure your complete comfort. A tiny laser fibre (about the thickness of three hairs) is then inserted between the tooth and the gum to clear away infection, reduce inflammation, and trigger an immediate healing response. Dr Renu Karn may prescribe an oral antibiotic as a precaution against infection, and in most cases you will feel well enough to go back to work immediately following your treatment. We recommend you adhere to a soft diet for a day or two, but your recovery period will most likely be less than 24 hours.

10. What maintenance services do you offer?
A. Dr Renu Karn will assess your oral health and recommend whether your cleanings should be performed by our specially trained hygienists. This ongoing maintenance therapy is crucial for your long-term oral and overall health.