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From all the Dental Excellence team to you,
welcome to our practice

Going To the Dentist shouldn't be a stressful experience that's why Dental Excellence are so determined to show you how relaxing, enjoyable and worry-free a visit to the Dentist really is......Call for your Consultation today and see just how Excellent Dental Excellence is....We will make you feel special and extremely relaxed with In Chair Entertainment, Stunning Views and State of The Art Technology.

Dr Renu Karn leads the team, who between them have years of dental experience and are very highly accomplished in their field.

At Dental Excellence we use state of the art technology, some of which is only found in a small amount of practices across Australia.

Our practice offers a comprehensive list of dental services inclusive of the following treatments.

Other features the practice offers are:

  • Outstanding state of the art equipment in our sterilization and infection control area.
  • Intraoral camera, another advanced piece of diagnostic equipment allowing the patient to see from the dentist’s perspective.
  • In-chair entertainment, which includes either listening to a CD or watching a movie.
  • Digital radiographs (x-rays) including an OPG machine for a full mouth digital x-ray on site with instant diagnosis.
  • ZOOM™ teeth whitening system – immediate results – in 60mins- long lasting – safe and comfortable

At Dental Excellence we offer many innovative, advanced and modern dental technologies to ensure the highest of quality in treatment and care and efficiency in our procedures.